Are You Thinking About Starting A Window Cleaning Business. Take a look at this first

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Window cleaning is a lucrative venture. You get to be your boss, there’s no expensive or lengthy training required, overhead costs are low and you have lots of growth potential.

There is still a lot of legwork to be done, including getting insurance for window washing business plan and learning how to price jobs.

We asked two window cleaners to help us take the guesswork out.

The 9 steps to start your cleaning business were determined by industry experts who used their years of experience and business knowledge. Let’s first address the key questions many entrepreneurs have.

What is the best career for window cleaning?

Window cleaning is a rewarding career. Because you get paid on-the-spot, it’s very profitable and there are no overhead costs.

Window cleaners work day to day, which includes scheduling visits, canvassing, bidding, scheduling visits and handling customer service.

You must be able to sell and provide customer service to succeed in owning a window-cleaning company. Also, you must be physically fit and ready for rejection, especially in your first days of cold calling or canvassing.

What is the average salary of window cleaners?

The average window cleaning salary ranges from $15-25 an hour to between $30,000 and $50,000 per year. It can go up to $60,000 depending upon where you live. The average high-rise window cleaning salary starts at $18 an hour. Your window cleaning salary can also be viewed in terms of job: the average residential job pays $180. That’s $2700 per week if you do 3 jobs per day.

You can grow your business and make more money depending on what services you provide. You can charge more for housecleaning packages, or you can use water-fed poles or automatic invoicing software to complete more jobs in a shorter time.

What is the cost of starting a window-cleaning business?

A small amount of capital is required to start a window cleaning company. If you are working alone and have a van or truck, it is possible to get started for as low as $1,000. The majority of your initial costs will be for tools, uniforms and other costs associated with establishing your business.

It’s possible to save money by working from home. You can also learn new techniques on YouTube for no cost.

It is possible to learn so much from online window cleaning experts.

Window cleaning is a service-based business. We place emphasis on customer service. Window washing is easy for anyone. Your professionalism, customer service, dedication, and commitment to your customers will make you stand out and keep your customers coming back.

Learn the basics of window cleaning before you start your own business.

Cleanliness: You must keep your vehicle, tools, uniforms and documents clean and presentable at all time. Even small things like covering your shoes when you are indoors can make a big difference. You’ll be entering homes and businesses so make sure you look your best.

Communication: There are many ways to impress clients, whether it is sending reminders or texting them quotes.

Efficiency: Customers value their time, and so should you. Customers will be impressed by your efficiency and you’ll be able to fit more work into your busy schedule. Electronic payments and online bookings make it easier for everyone to get on with their daily lives.

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