Plaza Tahoe Outing – Hot Air Balloon On the Superior Countryside

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To begin with Lake Tahoe is one of those marvelous places to go to in the summertime as there are just so many wonderful things you can do and see. But imagine yourself floating on the lake in an attractive hot air balloon on a peaceful summer morning or evening. What better place to see the vista from than a balloon.

It turns out that there surely is an organization that takes vacationers on rides in the Lake Tahoe and Carson Valley areas. The scenic tours may take from 4-16 passengers in the balloons which range in dimensions from 140,000 cubic feet of volume up to 240,000 cubic feet of air volume. Tour companies that provide hot air balloon rides work only with the newest and modern balloon equipment.

Flights typically depart soon after sunrise as that is when the earth continues to be cool and winds are calm. Sunrise schedules vary through the entire year. Dependant on the season you’re confirmed the business will pick you up anywhere from 5:00AM-7:00AM. Hot Air Balloon flights are extremely weather permitting and require good visibility and low wind speeds.

Balloon flights over Lake Tahoe or the Carson Valley can begin at elevations from 4,200 feet to 6, 200 feet above sea level. The flights can get up to elevations of 10,000 feet above sea level when conditions permit offering spectacular views of all of the Sierras and on a clear day even the peaks of Yosemite. When you yourself have any fear of heights you probably don’t need certainly to worry. You won’t experience any vertigo feelings because you’re moving with the wind currents which mean there’s no rocking or swaying or feeling of movement. This brings little chance of any motion sickness or the requirement for any medication.

One of many Tahoe balloon tour companies even features their particular launch vessel that’s Coast Guard certified. The Tahoe Flyer is really a 21 ton, 120’x 22’foot, two deck, and Catamaran Style aircraft carrier vessel. It was created specifically and developed to inflate and launch Hot Air Balloons away from its upper deck. There is a lot of room on board for passengers and guests alike meaning that this tour is likely to be fun for all your friends and family alike as they leave onto Lake Tahoe for the adventure. The balloons take off and land from top of the deck of the Tahoe Flyer which allows for an easy transition both ways

The majority of the tour trips last about one hour of flying time and you need to be prepared to stop about four hours of time overall to take one of these simple balloon tours of Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe Balloons is based out of South Lake Tahoe.

I have always gotten my Tahoe vistas by climbing trails to the mountain tops or riding the ski lifts at Homewood or Heavenly Valley but I believe this would have been a magical method to take in the scenery and deep blue waters of Tahoe. It may be just right for that upcoming birthday bash.

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