PUBG v6.1 Update Includes New Karakin Map With Black Area, Sticky Bombs, Electric Motor Glider, and also Extra

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PUBG v6.1 upgrade is out currently on the examination web server, and also with it comes a brand-new map called Karakin. The fresh map assures much more activity, thanks to its tiny location.

Karakin is currently the tiniest map in the video game with its 2×2 kilometres field of battle, which implies much more hectic battle activity on its rough surface. Karakin is a 64-players just map and also presents a special brand-new function called Black Area. It is basically a high damage-prone area that will certainly press gamers out of their hiding place in a structure as well as drives them right into fight.

Besides the Karakin map, the upgrade likewise brings a brand-new eruptive thing and also an Electric motor Glider car.

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The Karakin map in the PUBG v6.1 has a varied location that consists of sloping surface, below ground passages, and also residential areas to name a few.
The most amazing element of Karakin map is the Black Area. In the Black Area, structures and also substances will certainly be arbitrarily flopped, so as quickly as gamers listen to the alarm and also they find themselves inside the purple circle, they need to run for cover.
Frameworks squashed by the Black Area will certainly be recognizable with an ‘X’ mark on the small map.

Especially, the spot keeps in mind reference that ‘structures and also damages develop in real-time throughout the suit’ on Karakin. One more fascinating Karakin-only function is bullet infiltration in some weak wall surfaces. On seeing opponents via harmed drywalls, gamers can pick to begin shooting via it or maintain cover.

In enhancement to the Karakin map, the PUBG 6.1 upgrade includes a Karakin-only throwable thing called Sticky Bombs. The upgrade additionally presents a brand-new Electric motor Glider car that is presently live on the examination web server as well as will certainly be readily available in Erangel as well as Miramar maps.

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PUBG v6.1 additionally presents Survivor Pass: Shakedown together with Period 6, which begins in January and also finishes in April for a period of one year. It will certainly go real-time after upkeep beginning January 22 on COMPUTER as well as January 30 on gaming consoles. Period 6 will certainly have more than 400 goals in total amount that consist of 252 everyday goals, 84 regular objectives, 24 period objectives, and also 40 development objectives.

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