Race For the English Premier League

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With just five more match weeks to go, the race for the English Premier Little league has entered its last leg, with one clear leader, in Manchester U . s ..

Match week thirty-three saw a dramatic change in the power structure, with Chelsea leap-frogging over System into second place. Can either Chelsea or System upset Manchester U . s ., in a photo-finish?

Currently, U . s . have 60 to 70 points, while Chelsea and System are tied on sixty four points each.

To handle the probability of the three contenders, let’s first take a look at their remaining games. Manchester U . s . have three home games and two matches on the road, and so do Chelsea. System are due to host two games and play three away from the Emirates.

United’s three home games are scheduled to be tinkered with Everton, Chelsea and Blackpool, while their away games involve encounters with System and Blackburn.

The Old Trafford team have had an excellent unbeaten record at home, this year, and there’s no reason to think they cannot sustain that record before 75, 000 shouting proponents, against any opposition. Everton have impressed contrary to the marquee teams, this year, but the best they could a cure for, at Old Trafford, would be a draw. I will therefore assume a worst case scenario for U . s ., in which both Everton and Chelsea manage draws at Old Trafford. I will further assume that Mister Alex’s team beat Blackpool at home, and manage to repair a place each from their away games against System and Blackburn. That would give U . s . 7 additional points, thereby taking them to an aggregate of 77.

How much can Chelsea benefit, ordinary scenario? Chelsea have home games against Western side Pork and Newcastle that they can anticipate to win. The third game to be managed at Stamford Bridge is against Tottenham, a game that could end in a draw. We have already considered a possible lure Chesea’s away game at Old Trafford. That would leave Ancelotti’s men with an away game with Everton ผลบอลเมื่อคืน บ้านผลบอล, another tough task. In a best case scenario, that game would also be drawn, and thus, their five remaining games would net Chelsea 9 points, taking them to an aggregate of 73 points.

Arsenal’s fortunes would hinge on their home game against Man U . s .. Assuming that they won the game, that would reduce United’s aggregate down to 74, from the 77 points assumed earlier in the article, provided Blackpool also salvaged a draw at Old Trafford. A win in their other home game with Aston Rental property and 2 draws and a win in three away games against Bolton, Stoke and Fulham would earn System 11 additional points, and take them to an aggregate of 75, one point ahead of U . s ., on 74, and 2 points ahead of Chelsea, on 73. So, for System to win the Premier Little league, they must beat U . s ., and trust Chelsea, Everton and Blackpool to steal a place each at Old Trafford. That said, winning away against any of Bolton, Stoke and Fulham is easier said than done.

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