The Pros and Cons of Incline Treadmills and Incline Trainers

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Inline trainers, also known as incline treadmills, are a relatively recent innovation in exercise equipment. They combine the treadmill and the stepper. This is a stepper for workouts, but it functions as a treadmill. It’s basically a treadmill with a steep incline for “hill climbing”-simulated workouts.

Some treadmills can be set to incline up to 40%. A few incline trainers offer a decline option that simulates running or walking downhill.

What is so special about an incline train?

You’re familiar with the effort and intensity required to perform a “climbing-style” workout if you have ever used a stair or step climbing machine to visit the our site: Incline treadmills provide that same experience, but with all the benefits and features of regular treadmills. You can adjust them to perform at lower inclines, just like a regular treadmill.


  • Burn more calories. You’ll burn more calories the steeper the inclines.
  • Incline treadmills are a great option for those who don’t like running but still want to get a good workout.
    A low-impact workout option. Walking is a great way to get a intense workout that has a lower impact than running/jogging.
  • Recreate downhill running and walking. Running downhill requires different muscles than running uphill. Some treadmills have downhill gradients.
  • You can simulate terrain from around the globe by getting an incline trainer that uses iFit technology. Think of the possibilities for training. Training for a race can be done at home. You can train for a specific race in your own home, such as the Seattle Marathon, which is hilly.
  • An incline trainer is a treadmill with a steep gradient. It offers the best of both worlds. These machines can still be used for running.


  • Shorter walking deck. There is no incline treadmill I have found that has a 60-inch deck. You can still run comfortably on 50″ to 55″, which is the common running deck length.
  • You will need to hold onto the handles if you place it at an extremely steep incline (steeper that 15-20%).
  • Holding onto the handles helps me to work out more efficiently. To me, holding on to something is an aid that I don’t like. I prefer to set the incline at a lower grade so that I don’t have to grip on to my handles. I prefer to work out on steppers at a slower speed so that I don’t have to hang onto the handles. However, you shouldn’t hold onto the handles.

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