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Family, friends, and visitors, what would you like to see on this site?

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That year's collage?
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When I am weary and in need of strength, I remember her. When I am lost and sick at heart, I remember her. When I have joys and yearn to share, I remember her.
So long as I live, she too shall live, for she is now a part of me, as I remember her - Mom and Betty (ages 41 and 3) in 1963 with Helene and Joe in profile (ages 8 and 5).

If you would like more information about a family member, who would it be?
Dad (George Fix 1920-1994)?
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Betty Fix-Marketello (Child #8) Treasure-Keeper?

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In about four or five months time (after DreamWeaver class) I will hopefully have a fully-redone site. It will be cleared of any bugs, and hopefully ready to play these yearly journal PowerPoint presentations. And if I had any year ready for you to see, what year would that be, if you could choose any year from 1955 to 1994? Please enter below which year you would most like to see or put -in order- they were written (I have about eight years ready in order starting with WWII War Letters through 1961).
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I learned something I didn't know about this family before.
I enjoyed seeing the pictures.
I enjoyed movie, would like to see more of those.
I enjoyed all, will be back to see more of upcoming additions.
I am one of the original 13 children or a descendant of George and Kay, I Love It, Thank You, Betty!

Circa 1948 (radio announcing school after the war, although he ultimately became and retired as a quality control engineer for Lockheed Missiles and Space Co) - This picture was taken off of his granddaughter Collette's FB - Back in the Day - album and I wanted to quote Helene's (child #5) FB comment here - Loved/love this man sooo much. A flood of memories come back to me, just by looking in his eyes on this photo. We were more than lucky to have him for a father. Thanks dad for all the love and hard work you did for all of us. Now, the grandkids and great-grandkids reap the benefits as well in so many ways.

dad 1946

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