Dividend Stocks Pay out One to Very own These!

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Think of having a diversified portfolio of stocks that pays one to invest, in the form of dividends. Do you own a bank card? Well then you probably know how fast interest expense can mount up, becoming a financial nightmare. The alternative holds true with dividend investing and how quickly your dividend income may add up. Even better, when dividend paying companies you own increase their dividend payouts, your income increases! There are numerous questions to ask when buying dividend paying stocks some which are:

How long has the business paid dividends ? (Check the dividend yield and history)

You will find amazing dividend paying companies such as for example Colgate Palmolive (NY:CL) (yield 2.0%) which have paid dividends every year since 1895 or Proctor & Gamble (NY:PG) (yield 1.9%) since 1891. These tremendous dividend histories confirm the businesses’commitment to paying dividends. Normally dividend histories of 5 to 10 years plus are considered good.

Would be the dividends sustainable ? (Check the dividend payout ratio)

You will find companies which may have good dividend payout ratios like 3M (NY: MMM) which pays out 40% or Johnson & Johnson (NY:JNJ) which currently pays out 38% calculadora. The payout ratio is a tool that helps investors determine if the business has sufficient funds for maintaining dividend payouts. Normally a payout ratio below 70% is acceptable.

Would be the dividends growing ? (Check the dividend growth rate)

You will find companies, such as for example Sysco (NY:SYY) which have raised its dividends by over 400% during the 10 year period from 1995 to 2005. Sterling Bancorp (NY:STL) raised its dividends over 500% during exactly the same 10 year period! Normally dividend increases that exceed inflation are considered good.

A potential investing strategy is to get a diversified basket of high quality dividend payers which consistently raise their dividends. Reinvest the dividend income you obtain to get more shares and repeat the cycle to produce your own personal dividend compounding money machine.

DividendInvestor.com provides investors worldwide with the essential proprietary mining tools to screen stocks by dividend yields, payout ratios, growth rates, histories and many more criteria. Visit now so you can begin to spot your own personal diversified basket of dividend winners!

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